Larisa Parsons

I've had a long history in the beauty and fashion industry... After graduating from a fashion school in Los Angeles, I worked in many high end clothing boutiques and eventually found my way to makeup. I soon realized I had a talent and loved helping women look their best you. After working in the makeup/beauty industry for 6 years I "retired" to stay home with my 2 girls. I kept my foot in the industry by freelancing for special occasions, weddings and teaching classes. After 13 years at home, it was time to come out of "retirement". This time, I decided to try my hand at hair. 

I'm not afraid to try new things. I love turning girls into unicorns or women into blonde bombshells. If you want your locks chopped, I am your woman! (But I'll keep it at your waist too.) I'm always learning and growing and happy to work with Heather to continuously learn from. 

Outside of making women look and feel their best, you can find me running, at the gym, at the yoga studio, driving my girls around town or eating.

I can't wait to meet you! 

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